Vision, Mission & Philosophy

The history of DSCW is a poetry of great vision, a saga of undaunted courage, an epic of sacrifices and colossal contribution of the devoted band of workers of society of Dev Samaj. It was only the great spiritual enlightened Master, the Founder of Dev Samaj, Bhagwan Dev Atma, who could think of Women empowerment, gender inequality or gender discrimination and social crimes against Women and propagate Women Education. It was His great vision and farsightedness to build equal opportunities for education, work and service for Indian Women in the year 1889, when particularly women education was considered to be a taboo. Bhagwan Dev Atma was deeply stirred by the women suppression in Indian society. He wanted to regenerate mankind and transform the society through women education only. Dev Samaj Managing Council took the first initiative in 1887 to open the flood gates of Women Education in Lahore before partition and later opened 26 institutions in Northern India out of which 23 are exclusively for Women Education. Bhagwan Dev Atma's vision DSCW, which was planted about 78 years ago as a tiny sapling in the year 1934 that was, “To be an outstanding institution of Excellence in Higher Education, to promote need, value and career-based programmes ensuring Scientific, Global and Spiritual Development of student community with which they will blossom as fully competent human beings to meet ever changing needs of global time”, has now taken the shape of a dense tree loaded with lofty meritorious achievements which has no parallel in the annals of any other college in India. It has blossomed into the most prestigious academic icon of the education system of India, as being the world Class “Centre of Excellence” for its value based education.


The mission of DSCW is to provide higher education leading to an enriched holistic and wholesome personality of its key stakeholders. Students are the heart and soul of DSCW. They provide the reason for the institution's existence. DSCW aims to inculcate in students a constant yearning for learning through the combination of academic rigour, contemporary curriculum design, passionate knowledge delivery, participative dialogue and discussion, interaction with leading practitioners and application orientation. Along with academic excellence, students are sensitized to the concerns of society and encouraged to address them with dedication and fervor. The result is a wholesome personality that creates value for organizations even while meeting the challenges of the 21st century and bridging the chasm between the haves and the have-nots. Faculty, staff and administrators facilitate the transformational change that is sought to be brought about in the young people who pass through the corridors of DSCW. People who walk the talk make the vital difference at DSCW. By personal example, they inspire students to imbibe the virtues of hard work, perseverance and carry a positive attitude. In the final analysis, DSCW aspires to be a catalyst in bringing about a change in the higher educational scenario of this great country. The rich tradition and culture that we have inherited over thousands of years is sought to be seamlessly woven into the tapestry of rational and modern thinking that would be the cornerstone of a glorious and prosperous India.

DSCW Philosophy

DSCW provides education within a caring, ordered and value-based family environment:

> Where young girls are provided the values of unrestricted society with a streak of liberal humanism and progressive outlook towards common shared humanity.
> Where each member of the College community is affirmed, valued and challenged;
> Where students and staff are encouraged to strive for excellence in all the areas and endeavour to be the best of their ability
> Where students are prepared for nimble and trustworthy participation in the community; and
> Where education is based on the belief that a person should be developed integrally and to build the structure of wisdom through knowledge, so that this search for knowledge should lead us to the exercise of love and humanity.

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