DSCW History

The history of DSCW is a poetry of great vision, a saga of undaunted courage and epic of sacrifices, colossal contribution of the devoted band of workers of society of Dev Samaj. It was a great vision and farsightedness of the great and illustrious Founder of Dev Samaj Bhagwan Dev Atma to build equal opportunities for education, work and service for Indian women, when particularly women education was considered to be a taboo. Bhagwan Dev Atma was deeply stirred by the women suppression in Indian society. He wanted to regenerate mankind and transform the society through women education only.

DSCW highly prestigious and the oldest institute of Punjab, which boasts of a great glorious history as being the oldest women college of Punjab, proudly proclaims of having produced, in those early days, the First Lady IAS Mrs. Sarla Grewal, who was the First IAS lady, was the first Lady Deputy Commissioner in Shimla in 1956. In 1985 she was the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister of India Mrs. Indira Gandhi and later on became the Governor of Madhy Pardesh. She was also associated with important world forums like WHO and UNICEF as well as the First Woman President of the Tribune Trust (2000). Our Alumnae also include Miss. Dev Priya Bali, the First Lady M.B.B.S., the First Lady B.A.B.T. who rose to the high position of the Principal of Lady Harding Medical College, New Delhi & became Inspector General of Hospitals, (U.P.); Miss. Sushila Arora who was the first lady to become Ist class Magistrate at Jalandhar; Miss. Prem Sikhar and Miss. Santosh Madhoke were among First Income Tax Officers at Bombay and Delhi respectively of undivided and divided Punjab.

As DSCW has completed 78 years of Excellence in Education it had the satisfaction of knowing that it is able to chart new pathways and play its part in transforming India into one of the world's leading powers, a truly equitable society able to fulfill the potential of its youthful, aspiring population. It has served our country with great distinction during these 78 years of existence, which act as a testimony to the success of the college as one of the most widely recognized educational institutions in India. To me it appears that DSCW, like phoenix has risen from its own ashes and blossomed into a magnificent temple of world class Centre of Excellence. As the wings of success of DSCW Ferozepur spread across the nation, we still strive to improve each day, to deliver what is best.

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