From the Chairman's Desk

It is very pertinent to say that people from the all walks of life are well familiar with the hoary dictum that, “woman is the creator of a healthy society”. She is truly the finest embodiment of nature to whom man is always fathomlessly indebted. She is rightly saddled with the most daunting task of maintaining equilibrium in the social structure of the entire world.

But on the other hand, it is a matter of inexplicably mammoth grief that in more 60 years of its existence, our country has failed miserably to empower its women. They are still cooped up to slouching subjugation and domestic drudgery. Every morning over a cup of tea, while peeping into a daily newspaper, our hearts are torn and made to bleed, when we encounter flagrantly horrifying episodes of brutalities and atrocities meted out to women. This world is a so called paradise where our sisters are raped, wives tortured, daughters aborted or burnt alive. On the top of it I am highly chagrined that our legal system is exasperatingly ill-equipped to bring the perpetrators to book. This squalor of dastardly tyrants perpetrates the cruelties on women with a nauseating sense of impunity and wriggles brazenly out of the snare of law by exploiting its various loopholes.

160 years back when talking of women rights was a big cultural taboo, It was none other than our great spiritually enlightened master Bhagwan Dev Atma, who plucked up the courage and daringly raised his pitch against the sordid social evils like satipratha, cast discrimination, women illiteracy, orthodox attitudes about inter- caste marriage and widow marriage. His fulmination against these social evils was not a mere sham. He himself practiced what he preached in his own life by marrying a Bengali woman.

His heterodox stance and un-blinkered approach raised many a conservative voice. But Bhagwan Dev Atma was unflinchingly determined to reform and restructure this caste ridden society. He was keenly aware of the fact that in order to liberate women from the smothering shackles of patriarchy, their economic independence is essentially sought-after. As an epitome of sagacity, he was equally cock sure that the path to economic reliability of the women can be paved with the spades and shovels of education. Bearing that in mind He opened the flood-gates of women education in the year 1882. Following with the foot marks of His Holiness Bhagwan Dev Atma, the Dev Samaj Society has made all out endeavors with missionary zeal to put permanent end to the evils against women. The entire credited of which is attributed to my Worshipful Bhagwan who was blessed with indomitable courage and immense grit. I also urge the other religious, social, educational organizations to imbibe such a missionary spirit in their tenets and contribute in realm of overall women empowerment as the Dev Samaj Society has done, is doing and will keep on doing in the times to come. If the canons of Bhagwan Dev Atma are adopted, there will be no violation of human rights, no women will be sent to fire, burnt to death, raped, aborted or sterilized, simply because they are born as girls.

Shriman Nirmal Singh Ji

Chairman, DSCW

Secretary, Dev Samaj
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